BCBA in Faith-Based Education Center

Bible Based ABA
Wesley Chapel

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

-W. Edwards Deming 

Bible Based ABA represents a collection of individuals within the Behavior Analysis community. We are BCBA-D’s, BCBAs, BCaBAs and RBTs who choose to practice in faith-based settings. The science of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is universal in its application, and Bible Based ABA stands behind these rigorous scientific standards.

Company Highlights:

We serve Faith Based Schools and have countless hour availability through the day on our campus locations. Client cancellations don’t impact billable hours while in schools.

Bill 40+ hours weekly with our model

We are run by two BCBA-D’s who are intimately involved in leading the company and providing direct services.

We utilize the latest technology to streamline services and allow BCBAs to save as much time as possible. ADT Direct Deposit bi-weekly, Web ABA, and data collection and auto reporting/graphing.

Campus-based services mean you can work in defined areas in and around a school we serve from 8am-8pm both in school and in-home available.

Paid Client Supervision Billing for all parties, with no limit (BCBA over Tech and BCBA over BCaBA - everyone get's their high hourly pay - we absorb the loss).

Full Practice Management – Everything is done for you, from submission of billing to Medicaid, to navigation and uploading of plans to Provider Connect, even direct deposit. All client referrals are processed and cleared without analyst involvement until assessment is approved.

Bible Based ABA supports hiring individuals regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, or religious preference. We look forward to working in positive settings with positive people. Come join a supportive atmosphere while growing and developing your professional skills.

Pay/Benefits: Medicaid, Private insurance, and Private pay sources of clients. Analyst payout varies with funding source and experience.

  • BCBA-D = $65 to 70/hr 
  • BCBA = $58/hr to $70/hr 
  • BCaBA = $33/hr to $38/hr