Zen Group

Registered Behavior Technician 

Location : Miami 

Salary : $25 hourly 

Qualifications : 

  • You must have 2 years experience working with developmental disabled individuals 
  • You must be BACB certified 
  • You must have trainings in OSHA, HIV, HIPAA, certifications in CPR and First Aid. 
  • You must have a Medicaid Provider Number in good standing 

Job Summary : 

You will be assigned a client and work under the direction of a lead anaylist. You will work with the caretaker of the client. You will record activities with the client in a daily log sheet and turn in original logs as specified by the BA manager every month. You will turn in emails of logs twice a month.


As an RBT, you will collect data, report data, and keep a log of your client. You will be assigned to your client 17 - 35 hours per week. You will follow the directions established and given to you by the Analyst of the client. You will not drive clients. You will not supervise or agree to service siblings of the client.