BCBAs Need Lower Caseloads and More Administrative Support to Drive Quality

Centria Autism Services

Clinical support of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families requires significant time and attention.  The ‘business’ of ABA should not interfere with your ability to help children have the best developmental experience possible and achieve their full potential.

At Centria, we believe that Behavior Analysts should focus on treatment planning and service delivery.  That’s why we don’t count clients, we assess quality of treatment plans. That’s why we have teams that share the responsibilities of getting families the care they need. That’s why we have BCBAs in leadership positions throughout the company and invest in continued quality and professional development.  That’s why there’s no predetermined caseload for a BCBA, it is based on the needs of the children under your care.

As a Centria BCBA, you’ll have the benefit of:

·        A Client Services Manager assigned to all your cases providing administrative support

·        Monthly Clinical Summits with leaders in the field of Behavioral Analysis and Psychology

·        Cloud-based point of care IT systems designed by BCBAs

·        OBM-based clinical performance management system with weekly feedback

·        Competitive compensation, benefits and other perks (company car, phone, and laptop, annual paid tropical trip for 2, monthly bonuses, etc)

Centria is committed to a collaborative spirit.  BCBAs are grouped up into smaller, regional clusters under senior BCBA leadership to promote a small team feel and a focus on helping our children achieve optimal outcomes.

Centria serves families throughout Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. 


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