Keepsake Learning Behavioral Center
Jacksonville, FL

Job Description:   

The  RBT  will implement procedures and behavior reduction protocols  based upon the  principles  of Applied Behavior Analysis  to individuals  with Autism  and related developmental  disabilities  in the  home and school. The  RBT  will  collect  data on programs, assist  with parent  training and assist  the  BCBA  will  clinical  assessments  as needed.  RBT’s  work under the  supervision of a BCBA.   

Essential  components  of this  position  are  listed below  but  subject  to change  at  the discretion of BCBA. This  job description describes  essential  job functions, but  does  not  provide  an exhaustive  list  of duties  that  may be  assigned. Specific duties  &  responsibilities  will  vary depending on the RBT's experience.   

Duties  and responsibilities  for  RBT:   

•  Provide  direct  client  care  in 1:1 settings  utilizing  a  combination of intensive teaching and natural  environment  training arrangements.   

•  Follow  the  prescribed behavioral  skills  acquisition and behavior reduction protocols.    

•  Collect,  record, and summarize  data  on observable  client  behavior.   

•  Assist  with parent  and caregiver training in line  with client’s  individualized treatment  and  behavior  reduction protocols.   

•  Follow  and record data  for prescribed  toilet  training protocols.

•  Effectively communicate with parents  and caregivers  regarding client  progress as  instructed by the  BCBA.   

•  Assist  BCBA  with skill  acquisitions  and behavior reduction assessments. 

•  Assist  BCBA  in preparing client  materials  as  instructed. 

•  Collaborate  with treatment  team  including client, parents, caregivers, outside professionals and co-workers.   

•  Acquire and maintain  technical  knowledge & skills  by attending required trainings. 


•  Ability to accept  constructive  feedback and develop knowledge  and skill  sets accordingly. 

•  Effective  time  management  skills  and the  ability to manage  multiple  tasks  at  one time. 

•  Excellent  written and verbal  communication skills 

•  Ability to develop and maintain professional  relationships  with clients, coworkers, supervisors, and community members. 

•  Ability  to adhere  to organizational  policies  and procedures  and abide by a  code of ethics  as  indicated  by the  Behavior Analyst  Certification  Board. 

•  Commitment  to maintain client  confidentiality and adhere  to HIPPA  laws. 

•  Commitment  to ongoing training and development  as  it  relates  to clinical  skills, professional, ethics, technology,  training  in order to perform  job responsibilities  to required standards.

  •  Ability  to interpret  and implement  clinical  written protocols. 

Required  Qualifications:   

•  Must hold and maintain current  certification as  a  Registered Behavior Technician as  issued by the  Behavior Analyst  Certification Board (BACB) 

•  Enjoy working and  playing with children. 

•  Tolerate  working with children who may be  aggressive  (e.g. hit, kick, spit  and scratch). 

•  Possess  the  ability to frequently move  about  and maintain a  variety of postures (kneeling, squatting, crawling, sitting, standing) for extended periods  of time.    

•  Possess  the  ability to relate  and interact  professionally with clients  and their families. 

•  Must be  able  to receive  detailed information through oral  communication. 

 •  Possess  a  valid driver’s  license. 

•  Pass a  state  and federal  background checks.