BTEC Behavioral Therapy
Gulf Coast: Destin/Ft Walton, Pensacola, Perdido Key

BCBAs don’t miss this rare opportunity…


Get back to what you love about ABA at BTEC Behavioral Therapy! Our BCBAs get to experience the life-changing effects our science can have on people’s lives every day through our rare and unmatched model of “BCBA ONLY” services. We’ve been committed to building the best team of BCBAs in the country since 2012, and we’re not slowing down!

Too often, BCBAs find themselves disconnected from the satisfaction of seeing a sound, ethical program come to fruition due to corporate push for quantity over quality. At BTEC, we value each step of the process and find pride in personally following clients through their progress. And, our BCBA’s efforts are supported by ongoing collaboration with a team of colleagues who share the same level of dedication. Our model allows our practitioners’ energy to be dedicated to helping clients move forward, not spending countless hours in a car or being confined to a desk. BTEC’s program embodies a heavily NET based environment, where BCBAs can use their knowledge and experience to create a space that best meets each individual client’s needs.


  • ·        Collaborate daily with an amazing team of BCBAs who bring nearly 100 years of combined experience from different backgrounds and regions around the country. We learn from each other every day in our clinics!
  • ·         Work directly with children and families on the small caseloads they serve. We do not allow RBTs or other non-credentialed staff to work with clients or join our staff. 100% of our BCBA’s time and energy is devoted to their clients.
  • ·         Have the freedom to make treatment decisions based on individuals, not corporate policy.
  • ·         Follow a person-centered approach, allowing them to effectively and compassionately apply the principles of ABA to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. You won’t find cookie-cutter programming here!
  • ·         Serve individuals ranging from two to twenty-five years old with diverse repertoires of behavior.
  • ·         Work in top-notch facilities at our clinics across the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida with locations in the Destin/Ft. Walton, Pensacola, and Perdido Key areas.
  • ·         Don’t waste valuable time on administrative tasks. Our management team handles billing, scheduling, insurance authorizations and credentialing. So, our BCBAs can focus on what matters most – the clients and families they serve!
  • ·         Have clients whose families value the services we provide. Families at BTEC are committed to progress and recognize the quality of treatment provided by BCBAs.

A career at BTEC offers…

  • ·         Full-time, highly competitive salaried positions, with individualized salary packages that meet each BCBA’s needs.
  • ·         Health insurance, professional liability insurance, and continuing education budget
  • ·         Twenty annual paid days off
  • ·         Company laptop, Ipad, and all supplies and training materials needed to support each BCBA’s programs
  • ·         Tax benefits of Florida residency – NO STATE INCOME TAX
  • ·         Relocation assistance. We WANT BCBAs on our team who bring diverse experience from all over the country!

If you’re ready to be part of a passionate, professional culture where you can continue to grow and contribute to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, BTEC is for you!

You can learn more about our team and our program by visiting btectherapy.com. Resumes and inquiries can be emailed to lauriturner@btectherapy.com. We look forward to hearing from you!