BCBA-D: Corporate Office Position - $100,000+

Full Spectrum ABA
Citrus Park, FL

Are you a BCBA-D looking to maximize your earning potential while collaborating with other BCBA-Ds? 

Want to help lead one of the best firms for top-tier Applied Behavior Analysis in the nation?

We're seeking to bolster our corporate office leadership staff with greater support from the top practitioners in our field, BCBA-Ds. We literally wrote the book on building ABA firms (Behave Like A Boss - www.behavelikeaboss.com), you will learn a significant amount about business. We are offering shares of ownership (not just profit-sharing...ownership percentages) to those BCBA-Ds desirous of establishing a long-term home for themselves where their future will be secured.

We are the landing strip you've been seeking whilst on your job opportunity fly-overs.

To those seeking to serve clients as well as participating in a corporate leadership role, you will have the chance lead a team of highly skilled staff in assessing and treating clients through Florida’s highest paying grant at $105/hr.

BCBA-Ds who would like to perform diagnostic tests for Autism Spectrum diagnoses (ADOS-2), will likewise have the opportunity to do so and earn excess income. 

BCBA-Ds interested in research will have opportunities to serve rare cases and may collaborate on studies, if desired, through our research and publication arm, the Full Spectrum Behavior Institute.

Because of the payouts and projected income associated with this position, free consultation with an unaffiliated CPA is available to all who are and who become part of the Full Spectrum Family of providers. Come join us, and let's make the world a better place.

Our key characteristics for promotion and leaders (in order of importance), are as follows:

1. Loyalty

2. Dependability

3. Ability


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $100,000.00 to $125,000.00 /year