Behavior Specialist

School District of Manatee County
Bradenton, FL


To work directly with students who require intensive behavioral strategies in order to progress in general curriculum and toward Individual Education Plan goals.  To provide training and support for instructional staff responsible for education of students.



  1. Master’s Degree from an accredited educational institution preferred.
  2. Florida Certification in Exceptional Student Education, School Psychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, or closely related field.
  3. Minimum of three (3) years of successful teaching, or similar direct experience, with students who demonstrate behaviors associated with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD); and/or with students who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.



Knowledge of research, current trends, and best practices in fields associated with successful teaching of students who demonstrate behaviors associated with Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD); and/or students who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both in oral and written forms.  Ability to apply knowledge of current research and theory in fields of behavior management, applied behavior analysis, appropriate instructional interventions.  Ability to demonstrate successful instructional practices and behavioral interventions.  Ability to participate in determination of a manifestation of disability.  Ability to complete and assist in the implementation of Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Positive Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP).  Ability to collaborate with instructional staff, parents, administrators and others regarding successful implementation of FBA, BIP, and Individual Education Plans (IEP).  Ability to collect, analyze and present data.  Ability to actively participate in transition of individual students from one on one direct interventions to less restrictive instructional settings.  Ability to collaboratively support and train instructional staff during transition.  Ability to provide support to general and special educators on accommodations, modifications, instructional practices and accessing the general curriculum.  Ability to take part in professional development activities.



Director of Exceptional Student Education and Student Services






  1. Work cooperatively with school based staff involved in the education of students who demonstrate behaviors associated with Autism, PDD; and/or students with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.
  2. Provide direct instruction in one on one and small group settings for limited periods of time, using a variety of effective instructional and intervention strategies.
  3. Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and provide written reports including Positive Behavior Intervention Plans, upon request of the Director of Exceptional Student Education/Student Services.
  4. Assist in the planning, implementation and follow up of activities designed to transition individual students from direct instruction or one on one instruction to less restrictive settings.
  5. Assist in training activities for instructors, parents, and paraprofessionals related to positive classroom management, data collection, and student acquisition of social skills, functional communication, Sunshine State Standards, self-management.
  6. Review current developments, literature, technical resources of information related to area of responsibility.
  7. Interact with parents, school and district staff, outside agencies to enhance understanding of unique student needs and to support effective instructional practices.
  8. Participate successfully in training programs offered to increase the individual’s skill and proficiency related to the assignment.
  9. Facilitate problem solving within team or group.
  10. Provide crisis intervention support to ESE staff and students.
  11. Perform other duties consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.