Clinical Director

Adams Acres
Saint Augustine, FL

Seeking BCBA/BCBA-D with at least three years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities who are dually diagnosed with a mental illness.


  • Challenging Behavior Reports/Incident Reports/Reactive Strategy Reports:
    • Read all CBRs, provide feedback, inquiry and follow up as needed
    • Enter and track Reactive Strategies
    • Provide monthly reports to APD
    • Write, review and track incident reports
  • Crises/On-Call:
    • Respond to all crises by phone or observation (camera) or in person
    • First line of contact for police involvement, Baker Acts, and special circumstances/problem solving
  • Behavioral Reports (Functional Behaviors Assessments, Behavior Plans, Quarterly Reports, Annual Summaries):
    • Must be able to complete Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Analysis Service Plans
    • Create/Write documents when necessary, and when the individual is new/recent admit
    • Review IB Res Hab annuals and integrate with Behavior
    • Provide feedback to Res Hab department on potential changes
    • Complete required reports and billing documentation
  • Local Review Committee:
    • Track reviews and approvals
    • Set up graphs and documents for presentations
    • Participate in monthly LRC reviews
    • Follow up on LRC recommendations
  • Waiver Support Coordinator liaison:
    • Understand the role and process of Waiver Support Coordinators
    • Understand and help facilitate the SANS process
    • Understand how Waiver Funding works
    • Answer calls from WSC revolving around client behaviors, upcoming service recommendations, etc.
  • Billing:
    • Complete bi-weekly billing
    • Review and sign off on all behavior billing
    • Assist Billing Dept. with obtaining Service Authorizations
  • DAC Consultant:
    • Respond to all crises
    • Available to DAC Director for consultation on goals and questions about programmatic issues
    • Provide feedback to DAC Director on how program can improve
    • Provide ongoing training to all DAC staff
  • Support Plan Meetings:
    • Attend Support Plan Meetings when there is potential question of funding level, or when other outside agencies are involved, or when parents request my attendance
    • Assist Res Hab Director in coordinating meetings
    • Provide reminders regarding deadlines
  • Abuse Investigations:
    • Handle all abuse allegations according to company policy
    • Conduct internal investigations to discover any instances of abuse
    • Communicate with DCF investigators when an allegation of abuse is reported
    • Follow-up with investigators in regards to any outstanding allegations
  • APD Contact:
    • Weekly calls to APD Behavior Analyst regarding crises situations, potential problems, LRC questions, etc.
  • Hiring:
    • Screen applications and conduct interviews for all Behavior Analysts and Residential Habilitation management positions
  • Audits:
    • Participate in Qlarant audits
    • Ensure  department records are in compliance with regulations
    • Participate in CARF audits
  • House Cameras:
    • Periodically  monitor house cameras
    • Watch house cameras during crises when not physically present
    • Review cameras when CBRs need verification
  • Hospital Liaison:
    • Discuss and provide follow up with ER and psychiatric unit when Baker Act occurs
  • Reward Systems:
    • Oversee and implement reward systems in houses and DAC
    • Systematically evaluate and fade reward systems and supports
  • Analysis:
    • Create, set up and track analysis for IB step downs
    • Present data and program changes to assist in maintaining appropriate behavior levels
  • Medication Management:
    • Organize and schedule Med Review day with psychiatrist
    • Distribute and re-organize staff input forms
    • Lead med reviews and present Res Hab and behavioral concerns/progress
    • Consult with psychiatrist and/or staff when medication concerns arise throughout the month
    • First line of contact for families and support coordinators when there is a psychiatric medication question
    • Check nursing orders and follow up with necessary corrections
  • Coordinate ABA Training:
    • Assure scheduling of trainings and certifications are in compliance with regulations
  • Staff Monthly Monitoring Forms:
    • Track and create forms
    • Analyze data to determine who must be reviewed monthly
    • Meet with APD Behavior Analyst at least annually for Behavior audits of these documents
  • Data analysis:
    • Review graphs when necessary
    • Add medication
    • ER
    • Baker Act phaselines
    • Enter, collect and chart DAC behavior data
    • Provide follow up at least monthly 
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Must understand Florida laws (65G-2 through 65G-8, FAC 393)
    • Must be diligent and creative  when trying to find answers that are difficult to locate
  • Guardian/Parent Contact:
    • Maintain communication with appropriate guardian or family member as needed
  • Supervise Behavior Staff:
    • Supervise all work
    • Monitor adherence to policy, procedures and job descriptions (ex., regular house visits, appropriate document, following 65G-2 through 65G-8)
  • Discharge:
    • Write discharge summaries and purge files as needed


General Requirements:

Doctorate Degree Preferred

Valid Florida Driver License

5 years working with persons with Special needs

Fingerprinting & Criminal Background Check

Exemplary Organizational Skills

Advanced Technology Skills

Impeccable Computer Skills


Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to compose and submit legible forms for employee evaluations, incident reports, disciplinary action reports, and such other forms as may be required
  • Must be able to respond calmly and quickly and appropriately to emergency situations
  • Must be able to lift 40 pounds
  • Must communicate clearly with staff, clientele or emergency personnel, both verbally and in writing
  • Must attend to wants and desires of residents communicated both verbally and gesturally
  • Must be able to both comprehend written program instructions and prepare legible reports
  • Must be sufficiently strong and agile to complete state mandated trainings (i.e. Techniques for Effective Aggression Management)