BCBA-D - $105/hr - 20% Indirect - Grant-based work

Full Spectrum ABA
Primarily Hillsborough County

Florida's ONLY State Legislature Funded Behavior Analysis Grant - Written and Secured By Our BCBA-Ds

Are you a BCBA-D looking to maximize your earning potential while collaborating with other BCBA-Ds? Are you seeking clients to serve where indirect hours are actually compensated? Would you like the opportunity to lead a team of highly skilled BCBAs in assessing and treating clients through Florida’s highest paying grant?

Join our family of expert BCBA-Ds and let’s make this world a better place!


We are seeking to hire ONE additional BCBA-D to bring into our leadership fold, serving primarily Grant cases. 


Meet our 7 BCBA-D's: http://www.fullspectrumaba.com/phd-bios-2/

Meet our VP and see our Video Job Ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMOzozcxb4M&t

Information on the Grant: 

Clients will reside throughout Hillsborough County and surrounding regions, and will have availability at various times, with many clients not attending school due to complex medical issues.The Majority of the cases are expected to have a Developmental Disability diagnosis other than Autism. 

Our cadre of BCBA-Ds will oversee all cases.

Join the World’s premier locale for Behavior Analytic Expertise. 

-BCBA-Ds will earn $105 per hour. 

-Up to 20% of all grant hours are allowed to be billed as indirect.

-Up to 15 hours per BCBA-D per client can be billed each week during the first 4 weeks while the BASP is developed. 

-After the BASP is developed, no more than 50% of approved hours may be completed by the BCBA-D and the other 50% must be completed by BCBA level clinicians. 

NOTE: It is allowable for both BCBA-D and BCBAs to bill simultaneously as needed on this Grant. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP OTHER ANALYSTS. 

Working only 30hours weekly provides $3,150 in earnings per week. More hours are available if desired. Because of the payouts and projected income associated with this position, free consultation with a CPA is available to all who are and who become part of the Full Spectrum Family of providers. 

Please contact us at office.fullspectrumaba@gmail.com