BCBA or BCaBA - Top Dollar

Full Spectrum ABA
Sarasota, Bradenton, Apollo Beach, Palmetto, FL

Are you a newly certified BCBA or a BCBA new to working with children with special needs? Are you looking for somewhere to strengthen and hone your ABA skills while earning an incredible income? High rates for BCBAs in Sarasota!

Come join Full Spectrum ABA’s new PGP Program — Professionals Grooming Professionals — and Full Spectrum will assign you a Mentor.

They will teach you everything you need to know and will guide you in developing FBAs, BASPs, and strong intervention programs. They will teach you new assessments, work alongside you on clients, and help shepherd your growth in the field. Our goals are to aid in the development of great analysts and build strong relationships, all while changing lives.

Full Spectrum ABA is seeking qualified individuals to fill our need in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL, where we serve a facility and multiple home clients.

Serve as part of a behavioral team and make an incredible hourly wage. Practice ABA as it is meant to be practiced, in a fun and relaxing environment, with support and supervision. Train teachers and staff, complete assessments, develop behavior plans, do direct work with clients, and have the freedom to create and implement ABA interventions in a team-setting. We have immediate daytime campus hour availability to be filled. We also have several home-school clients who need services at any hours.

Some Benefits to our model and approach: 

Significant collaboration and Expertise - Our Directors and BCBA-D's program for collaboration and work hand-in-hand with their BCBA teams. Don't practice ABA on an island!!  

Cutting edge technology - WebABA, Skills FBA program, BIP Builder, and Skills Logbook all are purchased company-wide. These technologies streamline both billing (WebABA) and  indirect paperwork (Skills FBA, BIP Builder, Skills Log Book) and allow the now flat-rate BASPs to be finished quickly and efficiently. 

CPA Guidance - Due to the earning potential of this position, Full Spectrum provides free consultation with an independent CPA. Learn how to structure your finances to maximize your earnings and minimize your tax liability. 

Full Practice Management HR Firm - Full Spectrum Utilizes a national third-party entity to manage all HR and billing, so updates are sent prior to certifications expiring, and clients are processed and cleared quickly. 

Pay/Benefits: This location has Medicaid, Private insurance, and Private pay sources of clients. Analyst payout varies with funding source and experience.

  • BCBA-D — $64/hr-$90/hr (Depending on experience and funding source)
  • BCBA — $56/hr-$90/hr (These rates are exclusive to Sarasota Region)
  • BCaBA — $35/hr-$47/hr (These rates are exclusive to Sarasota Region)