School BCBAs or BCaBAs - To be Mentored - Multiple Positions Available

Full Spectrum ABA
Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk Counties

Tired of driving all over the place to serve your clients? Would you like to stop working only 3pm-8pm Mon-Fri and weekends to make a living? Would you like an environment full of collaboration, supported by a cadre of 8 BCBA-D's??

If you're interested an agency who's structure and model allow you to work lots of billable hours weekly, without substantial drive-time, this is the place for you! Easily clear 30-45 billable hours weekly without even working weekends.

Tremendous Earning Opportunity to work with a company that’s as interested in your professional development as you are. Full Spectrum Behavior Analysis is hiring Behavior Analysts (BCBA-D, BCBA, BCaBA) to work in-home (7am-8pm hours available with no MedWaiver clients), or in one of numerous private schools and day programs, we service in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk Counties.  We work in most these facilities full-time as Behavior Analysts with guaranteed hour availability. Regionalized client bases and team-based structures mean less driving and more collaboration on cases. Varying funding sources mean higher pay rates than only Medicaid clients provide. Part-time hours are available as well.

We serve over a dozen schools and are preparing to being work in multiple new campuses in the fall, including the following cities: Lake Wales, Lakeland, Haines City, Orlando, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Brooksville, Zephryhills, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, and more. Qualified analysts desirous of developing their craft while earning top-dollar should apply.

Serve as part of a behavioral team and make an incredible hourly wage without constantly driving to multiple locations to see your clients . Practice ABA as it is meant to be practiced, in a fun and relaxing environment, with support, supervision, and co-workers on-site. Train teachers and staff, complete assessments, develop behavior plans, do direct work with clients, and have freedom to create and implement ABA interventions both individual (DTT, precision teaching, etc) and classroom-wide (token economy, good behavior game, etc), with staff that is fully supportive of our work.

Are you newly certified or desirous of a place to hone your skills? You don't have to sacrifice your earnings to learn and grow!

Come join Full Spectrum ABA’s new PGP Program — Professionals Grooming Professionals - Full Spectrum will assign you a Mentor. They will teach you everything you need to know and will guide you in developing FBAs, BASPs, and strong intervention programs. They will teach you new assessments, work alongside you on clients, and help shepherd your growth in the field. Our goals are to aid in the development of great analysts and build strong relationships, all while changing lives.

Must be board certified as a BCBA, BCaBA, RBT, or be seeking supervision.

Pay/Benefits: We have Medicaid, Private insurance, Public school contracts, and Private pay sources of clients. Analyst payout varies with funding source and experience.

  • BCBA-D — $64/hr-$120/hr (Depending on experience and funding source).
  • BCBA — $53/hr-$85/hr (Depending on experience and funding source).
  • BCaBA — $31/hr-$47/hr (Depending on experience and funding source).