ESE Behavior Specialist

School District of Manatee County
Manatee County


* (1)   Work cooperatively with school based staff involved in the education of students who demonstrate behaviors associated with Autism, PDD; and/or students with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.

* (2)    Provide direct instruction in one on one and small group settings for limited periods of time, using a variety of effective instructional and intervention strategies.

* (3)   Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and provide written reports including  Positive Behavior Intervention Plans, upon request of the Director of Exceptional Student Education/Student Services.

* (4)  Assist in the planning, implementation and follow up of activities designed to transition individual students from direct instruction or one on one instruction to less restrictive settings.

* (5)     Assist in training activities for instructors, parents, and paraprofessionals related to positive classroom management, data collection, and student acquisition of social skills, functional communication, Sunshine State Standards, self management

* (6)    Review current developments, literature, technical resources of information related to area of responsibility.

                  * (7)        Interact with parents, school and district staff, outside agencies to enhance                                                   understanding of unique student needs and to support effective instructional                                             practices.

* (8)      Participate successfully in training programs offered to increase the individual’s skill and proficiency related to the assignment.

* (9)        Facilitate problem solving within team or group.

*(10)       Provide crisis intervention support to ESE staff and students.

*(11)       Perform other duties consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.

   Please Feel Free to contact Sara Barnes with any questions!