BCBA $165,000+ Per Year - ABA Therapy Grant - Multiple Positions

Full Spectrum ABA
Hillsborough County

Are you a BCBA looking to make the most of your expertise with the DD population? Would you like to work in a team setting led by renown BCBA-Ds ? Join our booming family of 6 BCBA-D's, and grow professionally while making the money an expert in behavior deserves! Florida's best analysts have found a new home!!

Full Spectrum ABA has procured a multi-million dollar grant, funded by the state legislature of Florida, to provide ABA services to children with a variety of diagnoses. Clients reside throughout Hillsborough County and surrounding regions and will have availability at various times, with many clients not attending school due to complex medical issues.

Roughly half of the cases have a diagnosis of ASD, and the other half have some other Developmental Disability diagnosis. All cases will be overseen by our cadre of BCBA-Ds.

This is a position of leadership where the BCBA would work in tandem with our team of 6 BCBA-D's and a litany of other expert BCBAs . The position would entail completing BASPs, developing and training the behavioral team for each case (from our current available staff), and overseeing client care. BCBAs and BCBA-Ds are different billing codes and can work simultaneously to provide the Gold-Standard of ABA. Great learning opportunity.

The rates are exceptional, and indirect hours are approved up to 20% of total hours approved .

This grant was reapproved by the legislature,  just weeks ago. We encourage applicants for long-term positions.

Because of the payouts and projected income associated with this position, free consultation with a CPA is available to all who are part of the Full Spectrum Family of providers.

Here is a summary of the rates:

Clients without ASD - ~50% of Grant cases

BCBA - $85 an hour with up to 20% of hours indirect

BCaBA - $47 an hour with up to 20% of hours indirect

Clients with ASD diagnosis - ~50% of Grant cases

BCBA - $80 an hour with up to 20% of hours indirect

BCaBA - $42 an hour with up to 20% of hours indirect

Earning estimates based on 40-hour work week at $80-$85/hr. We have a number of our top analysts already working strictly grant cases, so it is possible to get to those earning levels without great difficulty if you are a star BCBA.

We look forward to hearing from you!